Need a custom t-shirt. Yesterday?
Consider it did.

Lucky for you,
we’ve only got one speed:
bat outta hell.




We print event tees sports tees promo tees business tees party tees team building tees corporate tees happy tees bucks tees hens tees anniversary tees charity tees just because tees

Design it yourself

With our easy-to-use design tool, there’s no excuse. Simply upload your design or create your own from scratch!

Awesome Quality

Our t-shirts have been engineered for digital printing from the ground up, so no matter what your design is, we guarantee the end result will be incredible.

Lightning Fast Printing

Every order is printed and shipped from our factory in Brisbane. Depending on your location we can get your order to you as quickly as the same day you place it. Hot damn!


Let’s make this easy – no fancy names, no confusing prices. Simply place your order before 12pm and we print and ship that day. Too easy.


How it works.

Step 1

Someone says ‘Right. We need a shirt/s. Pronto’ and you say ‘I know just the people’.



Step 2

Step 2

You use our nifty design tool to create a t-shirt so incredible it’d make a grown man with a teardrop eye tattoo, weep actual tears of joy.


Step 3

Step 3

We receive your order, and the team do a little happy dance. Once we’ve finished thrusting our hips and high fiving, we get your shirts on the machine and let the awesomeness happen.

Step 4

Step 4

We throw a farewell party for your shirts, and send them off with Stan, our carrier pigeon. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney, we gotcha.



Not to crash hot in the creative department? Well neither is pretty much everyone. With this in mind we created the best customised t-shirts design tool on the world wide web, giving you everything you need to create a real beauty. Just check out all the cool stuff it can do.

icon box image

Team shirts

Add numbers and names for teams

icon box image

Type on a path

Follow a path with your chosen text

icon box image

Text cloud

Put your text in one of our shapes

icon box image

Curve Text

Curve your text in a arc

icon box image

Image masks

Pop your image into a shape

icon box image

Filter effects

Add filter effects to your image

icon box image


Vectorise your image

icon box image

QR Code

Add a QR code to your tee

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