Same Day Dispatch

What’s This About Same Day Dispatch for Customised T Shirts?

Exactly what it sounds like! Make sure your order is submitted and paid for before 12pm on any business day and your shirts will be in the post before you tuck yourself in to sleep. Created using one of the most powerful design tools on the internet, your new shirt will look great and get there even faster.

You’re a busy person, you can’t wait around for the post. We know that whether they’re for a business party, a sporting event, or just a bit of fun, sooner is always better than later. That’s why we offer same day printing for all custom t-shirts ordered before 12pm, allowing you to rock your new look as soon as the next business day when shipped via express mail. Place your order today and find out how good you look in a design you’ve created!

The smarter choice in tee design

Tees Today wants everyone to make it easy to design their dream shirt. You don’t need a fine arts degree or fancy image editing software to make your vision a reality – you just need 10 minutes alone with our industry leading online design tools.

Built from the ground up to be as simple and powerful as possible, you don’t need any special training or even a lot of design nous to produce something that looks great. Whether you’re creating named and numbered team shirts for your footy mates or you want to add little bit of Insta-bling with our collection of filters, we’ve got you covered. Business looking for a convention or event promotion that the punters will love? Slap a QR code on there and start handing ‘em out and watch your app or website get hits.

Create your new look today

With our same day t-shirt printing and optional next day delivery, Tees Today makes it simple and easy to get the shirts you’ll love, when and where you need them. Start designing yours today, or get in touch with our friendly crew via email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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