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Tees Today
December 21, 2017 Suzie Stormn
In Factual, Fashion

Look, we didn’t LOVE One Direction but the deconstructed One Direction is pretty bloody wonderful. Those handsome little devils have broken free of the boy band chains and they’re out there making real music. Anyway, we digress.

What we’re trying to say is, as well as taking it up a notch musically, those scallywags seem to have really found their fashion feet, post-1D. Take ol’ mate Niall, he’s a man after our own heart — he understands that the humble white tee can be a dead set masterpiece, if worn right. Check out his fit tips in this GQ article, then once you’ve read up on how to wear it, figure out how to customise your tee with a killer design. A well-fitted tee is great but a well-fitted custom tee? Well, that’s some breathing taking shit right there.

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