What do you wear under your overalls? A kick arse tee, that’s what.

What do you wear under your overalls? A kick arse tee, that’s what.
September 1, 2014 Suzie Stormn
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Overalls are back baby! And spring is the perfect season to break these bad boys out – you can tailor what goes under the tem to suit the weather – long sleeve, tee, or singlet. Now, how exactly are you going to stand out in this ocean of denim? Easy. Custom t-shirt.
Throw your favourite design, witty phrase, photo or protest slogan on a t-shirt and suddenly everyone’s whispering ‘Who’s that mysterious girl/guy?’ as you sashay past. Bam!
Here’s a few ways to do dungarees.

Smart and not so casual.

Heels take the humble overall up a whole ‘nother level – this look is perfect for sunset drinks or any kind of fancy day drinking really. And the best bit is, if day drinking turns to night drinking, your get-up is totally PM-friendly. The only think that would make this outfit better is, you guessed it, a custom t-shirt.


Airflow benefits aside, this breezy get-up is about as perfect as it gets for spring weather. You’ve got business down the bottom with a full-length pant and the oh-so devil may care one shoulder/singlet combo. The other plus to the ol’ one shoulder routine is it allows your custom singlet to really shine.

Full summer mode.

The short overalls are ace for summer time – festivals, Sunday sessions and Saturday brunches. Paired with an oversized bag and a killer custom t-shirt, this ensemble is the ultimate sunshiney wardrobe go-to.

Maximum coverage equals maximum cool.

A light, long sleeve tee under your overalls make you one flexible mofo – it’s cool enough to wear during the day and warm enough for nighttime shenanigans. That friends, is called a win-win. Make it a custom tee and it’s a win-win-win.


That’s what mens overalls are called*. Anyway, why should ladies have all the dungaree fun? Resist the temptation to go shirtless underneath (unless you’re posing in a fireman calendar), instead whack a custom t-shirt underneath and you’ll be looking like a denimy dreamboat in no time.
*Not really. They’re actually called manveralls.

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